Differences Between User Interfaces

TEAPOT comes in two flavours: A mouse-and-keyboard operated graphical application and a traditional console-based program. There has been a concerted effort to ensure this manual accurately documents both flavours, but there could still be occasional inconsistencies. Note that the executable name for the graphical version of TEAPOT is typically fteapot, so to follow the tutorial above with the GUI version, start with that command instead of teapot.

Most notably, at the moment the key bindings can be fairly different in the two flavours. If something doesn't work for fteapot as described here, check the pull-down menus, where most operations can be found. In addition to the keys it shares with the console version, the GUI variant has extended mouse and keyboard bindings that work similarly to other GUI applications. The table in the following section attempts to summarize all bindings from both variants.