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armagetronad (old school Tron Light Cycles openGL game)

A Tron Light Cycles game clone that offers up to 16 players, a highly
advanced AI, and network/internet play in a full 3D environment

This build includes the game client and Master server.
It will install system-wide configuration into /etc/armagetron.

Full documentation exists in /usr/doc/armagetronad-<version>/

The armagetronad server initscript is stored as:
To use this script, symlink it to /etc/rc.d with this command:
ln -s /usr/share/games/armagetronad/scripts/rcd_master /etc/rc.d/rc.armagetronad

The armagetronad server system-wide install scripts enable the creation
of a user called 'armagetronad' for use with the Master server.
This user isn't created by default by this package.
If you would like to create this user in the same fashion as the
armagetronad system-wide install script, the user creation section
is in a separate script that you can execute
(or alternatively create an armagetronad user manually).

If gameplay looks too fast on your hardware, you can set a negative
speed factor in Play Game -> Game Setup -> Speed. -2 looks fine here.
On the opposite, setting positive factors accelerates the game.
l33ttpd \(^o^)/