Adventures in GCC

6 january 2010


I updated my clean slackware64-current at yesterday and most notably the gcc to 4.4.2 and kernel to
I tried building my usual (250 packages, more or less) queue and obviously I encountered some issues.
I need working packages for current so I managed to fix what I could (as I could ;) ).
I found some patches that I think (not tested) will be safe also for 13.0 (others maybe not), in some cases I had to upgrade the package to a new version to fix the build.
I'll try to report what I have done following the build order (that you can read at the link above) and solving issues as they appear (this is the build log).
you can find all the customized build scripts used and sources in this folder: the remaining packages build cleanly also on the new slackware64-current (hope I haven't missed anything :D )
results are here.
related to new gcc/glibc/kernel
modified/patched build script
new version
safe for 13.0 (I think)
unsolved :( (yet ;) )
updating to the new version (written a SlackBuild from scratch too) fixed the issue

updating to the new version (modified SlackBuild too changing version and adding a ./configure) fixed the issue

I'll report the thing to Michele noberasco.
EDIT: it's already reported on sf.

added a patch (found on mjpeg-developer mailing list) modifying SlackBuild to apply

upgraded to a new version (I think -I can be wrong- developing of the library continues on googlecode) modifying SlackBuild to point at the new sources

added a new patch, modifying SlackBuild to apply

I think this happens also with old (4.3.3) gcc: I grabbed 1.0.8 sources from alien's vlc build dir (with related patch), modifying SlackBuild to apply

I had to build it uninstalling js, if not it stopped build when including jsapi.h.

created a patch to make it looks for new mp4v2.h include (instead of mp4.h) and modified SlackBuild to apply

I upgraded to the latest version, that forced the upgrade of ptlib and ekiga because the three packages are versions-tied

solved updating to the new version

solved upgrading to a new version, had to write a new i18n patch and adapt a little the SlackBuild (it was craving for an out-of-tree build :) )

it needs a patch to build with 2.6.32 (took it from lirc mailing list), adapted the SlackBuild to apply.

due to a change in poppler api, a patch is needed (extracted from ubuntu diffs), modified SlackBuild to apply.
In slackware 13.0 there's still the old poppler so this patch is likely to broke build there.

due to a change in libboost multi-threaded naming convention, a modified SlackBuild is necessary

added a patch and modified SlackBuild to apply

source linked disappeared ( :o ) so I updated it to latest

had to upgrade to the new source (installing first the new required agg) and edit the SlackBuild to comment a patch.

-W flag makes gcc 4.4 build to break, so I removed it from the SlackBuild


EDIT: 1.0.0 builds :D
P.S. this is Ponce